signal crest united methodist church

A Simplified Signal

This Toolkit is a consolidation and unification of baseline resources and brand elements -- cementing the foundation for a consistent, signature "Signal Crest" experience.

Use original photos to tell your story, or give folks an idea of what your Signal Crest ministry is all about.

Click here to request images or access our Photo Archive.

Use our color palette to set the right look and feel for your communication.

Click here to download our full Swatchbook.

Brand your piece with an official Signal Crest logos to help promote our church and the UMC.

Click here to download the full Logo Suite.

Keep consistent messaging by using our Vision, our voice, and the Signal Crest fonts.

Click here to download supplemental Fontbook.



Primary Red is most vibrant and meaningful color in our palette, so its usage must be purposeful. Primary Blue and Primary Teal have been added to create more balance.

The Neutrals help provide contrast to the Primary Colors.


The Accent Colors help widen the palette and can be used to enhance border visuals (limited use).


Signal Royal Blue


Signal Sky Blue


Signal Pink


Signal Orange

Communications Requests

Although these "Simplified Signal" resources have been provided publicly, we know you may need a little help with strategy, design, writing, photography, videography, or curation. 

We're here to help!  E-mail [email protected] 


It is the mission of Signal Crest United Methodist Church to grow a community of disciples of Christ who offer love to one another and share the grace of God through compassion and service. In order to advance this mission, there may be photography, filming, videotaping, and/or recording at services or events. Attendance is your permission for your and/or your minor child's image and/or voice to be used for promotional purposes including posting on social media.

The United Methodist Church

The UMCom Toolkit makes it easy for local churches, annual conferences, general agencies, and other denominational entities to adopt more unified branding across the connection. For downloadable logos, guidelines for their fonts and colors, and more please click here to visit their website.