signal crest united methodist church

Sunday night Youth

Sunday Nights | 5pm-6:30pm

This Fall we will meet regularly on Sunday nights on the lawn of 308 Laurel Street (The pastor's house directly behind the church). These nights will be filled with fun, laughter, fellowship, small groups and growing closer to Jesus. We will follow all health and safety guidelines given by the Holston Conference and the Signal Crest Health and Wellness Taskforce. Drop off and pick up will be in the church upper parking loft off of Taft Highway. If your student is not able to attend on Sunday nights in person, they can join us on our Signal Crest Youth YouTube page to watch youth live online.   If there is inclement weather, youth will go fully online on our Signal Crest Youth YouTube page. If you have any questions, email Drew Barton ([email protected]).

October  25th - Halloween Night

(Students are invited to wear a church appropriate costume)


  • We will follow all health and safety guidelines given by the Holston Conference and Signal Crest Health and Wellness Taskforce.
  • Students must have a Signal Crest COVID Waiver and Release form on file. (Click here for this form). If your family has attended worship, it is the same wavier and your student is covered.  If you are unsure if you have a waiver on file, contact Drew Barton at [email protected]
  • If your student has COVID like symptoms or has been exposed to someone having or suspected of having COVID, we ask that they remain home and join us on YouTube live.  
  • Students are required to wear masks and social distance the entire time.  
  • Students should bring their own chair and their Bible.  

Check In

  • Upon arrival, students will check in at the welcome table. Make sure they are completely checked in before you leave your student,  If your student drives to youth, please make sure they have everything they need for youth (i.e. signed waiver if not already on file). 
  • Signal Crest Youth volunteers will check their temperature, make sure they have a waiver on file and then they will receive their small group assignment for the evening. 
  • Once your student has checked in, they will walk over to the front lawn of 308. 
  • Check in will begin at 5:45 pm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does my student have to turn in a waiver every week? 

No, once your student has turned in a waiver, they are covered for all Sunday Night Youth events and any additional events held at Signal Crest. 

2. What temperature is too high for my student to attend? 

100.4. If your student has a temperature above this number, they will be asked to return home.  If anyone rode with them to youth, they will also be asked to return home.  

3. Will leaders be wearing masks? 

All leaders will be wearing masks. The only time a leader will have their mask off is if they are on stage speaking or singing. The stage will be at least 12 feet away from any students. 

4. If there is inclement weather, when will the decision be made if Youth on the Lawn will be cancelled and how will we know the decision? 

If there is inclement weather, a decision will made by 5 pm on Sundays and the decision will be publicized through Facebook, Instagram and an email. 

5. Can my student sit with friends? 

As of this time, students will be socially distanced away from one another. They may sit in the same region as their friends but they will not be able to sit close to them. 

6. Can my student bring their friend? 

Absolutely! Just make sure that your student's friend has completed a waiver and turns it in. 

7. Will my student be shown on the live stream on YouTube? 

Your student will not be shown on the live stream unless you (a parent) has given us previous consent. 

8. Will my student get a chance to meet with their small group? 

Yes! We value the connections and bonds formed in small groups. Your student will meet with their small group each time we have youth on the lawn from 7-7:30pm. 

9. Will there be food provided? 

There will be no food provided at this time. Your student might win a prize that includes food but it will be prepackaged and cannot be opened while at youth. We do suggest that your student bring their own water bottle already filled to drink.