signal crest united methodist church

Prayer List 

Please Remember in Prayer: Our college students • Students , Teachers, and Parents •  All medical professionals • All impacted by the Corona Virus • Emily Drake  Betty Bonnard •  Kathy Gardner •   Jon Preston • Doug  and Shea Williams  • Ray and Joyce Feher   Betty Spaulding • Matthew Coker, son of John and Megan • Jane Duncan Brown • Mary Nelle Moreland • Mary Lynn Newman • Shonda Nix • Monteen Smith • Liz Blair • Tom Breeding, father of Callie Kilbourne • Martha Rodgers • Jennie Owen • Pat Boles • Caroline Raborn •  Ray Hamilton • Linda Hurstad • Phyllis Copeland • Hailey Reynolds • Aethon S'aulis and family, nephew to Dave and Chamar Drane • Katie Wildman   Lisa Gillie • Linda Moore •Kathi Shuster •  Charles (Chay) Adams •  Myra Creasman • Dennie Wolfgang • Mary Jane Hardison  •  Elizabeth Barton Randy and Becky Beavers  Bob Anderson Janice Davis, mother of Julie Lane • Bill and Dorothy Brevard, Darien Brevard's parents •  Duane Case  Bill and Frances Jensen, Paul Jensen's brother and family due to damage to their home from the tornadoes in Georgia • Chamar and David Drane • The family of Pat Boles on Pat's passing

All who are serving in our military • Those from Signal Crest serving in the military: Eric Delwiche • Tim Wolfgang, who is actively deployed to the middle east for 6 to 8 months