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Parent and family resources 

Are you looking for ways to connect with your family? Below are some helpful resources and links to be able to purchase for family devotionals, kid-friendly Bibles for all ages, and parenting resources! 

Lenten Resources

Lent Activity Packs: Come by church to receive a Lent Activity bag. This is a way for your child to experience Lent, and help them to focus on Jesus during the Lenten season.

We Wonder Podcast: Click here to listen. This podcast are 10-15 minute episodes that help you to experience and learn about the Lenten season. These are contemplative, quiet podcast episodes that lead you to experiences of prayer, and help you to make space to remember Jesus.

Celebrate at Home: Look at ideas for each week of Lent to do at home here. 

Family Devotionals

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids. Click here to purchase.  

Love Does For KidsClick here to purchase. 

Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science. Click here to purchase. 

Friends With God Devotions for Kids: Click here to purchase.

Kid Friendly Bibles for Any Age

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Particularly for preschool to young elementary. Click here to purchase. 

Friends With God Story Bible: This is great for any age. It highlights key stories in the Bible, and stories are written from the point-of-view of the characters. Excellent for imaginative children that love to ask questions, and wonder what life would have been like in the Bible! Click here to purchase. 

The Action Bible: God's Redemptive Story: Does your child seem uninterested in reading a traditional Bible? This may be a great alternative! This Bible reads like a comic book, but provides a clear, interactive picture of God's love for us. Click here to purchase.

The Adventure Bible (NIrV): This is a great, easy-to-read Bible version for children. This Bible is also chock-full of helpful side notes to help your child really connect with the living Word of God. Click here to purchase.

Parenting Resources

Like Ice Cream: The Scoop on Helping the Next Generation Fall in Love with God's Word by Keith Ferrin: It can be incredibly challenging for kids to want to be engaged with the Bible! It can be confusing for adults, and for children alike! The author of this book believes that passing on a deep love of God's word should be as simple as passing on a love of ice cream. This book helps parents and guardians to continue to grow in their personal faith, and to pass on the love of the Bible to their children. Click here to purchase.  

Sticky Faith by Kara Powell and Chap Clark: Through significant research, these authors discovered that 47% - 50% of children who graduate from a church or youth group will not stick with their faith in college. While this sounds like a scary statistic, this book offers helpful ideas for parents and guardians to encourage spiritual growth in their children. Click here to purchase.