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 Why isn’t the church thriving?

Why does it feel like the church – at least in the U.S. – is shrinking. It seems like every day we hear something in the media about shrinking church attendance, fewer of the population identify as Christian, and young people leaving the church in droves. Is this the future of Christianity?

Absolutely not! “The church is of God, and will be preserved till the end of time…” (The Baptismal Covenant III, The United Methodist Hymnal page 45) But the key is to thriving as a church is to understand the main thing Jesus came to show us – the kingdom of God. You see, Jesus didn’t come to found a church. Jesus came to establish the kingdom of God. And the church won’t thrive until the church seeks the kingdom.

So join us for THR!VE , and let’s explore what it means to become a Kingdom Movement.